Provide travel insurance to foreign visitors for safe travel

Foreigner insurance Insurance covering loss incurred during travel to South Korea
Insurance purpose Foreign Tourists Korea Traveler's Insurance
Insurance period Discover Seoul Pass Used term
Insurance price FREE
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    • * Traveler's Insurance will be activated for 24/48/72 hours when you visit the first free admission attraction.
    • * In the case of the insured being under the age of 15, insane person, or weak-minded person Death insurance can be limited in accordance with Article 732, Commercial Law.
    • * In the case of multiple insurances (deduction contract included) that need to be paid It is proportionately compensated, which may be less or not compensated.
    • * Self-funded amount: Actual medical expenses for injuries/diseases Selective 2 applied (please refer to the terms and conditions for the details) / KRW 10K for liability of reparation / KRW 10K for belongings (limitation of KRW 200K per item) / Actual damage non-payable medical expenses (larger amount between KRW 20K and 30% of compensable medical expenses)
    • * The above content is written to help understanding of the insurance item and the actual contract and insurance terms may differ.
    • * Call us (KOREAN) : 1833-9608
    • * Call us (Eng 中文 日本) : 1833-2534

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